IT Solutions

Industry leading solutions ensuring you stay productive and secure

Cyber Security

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and targeted, with the most common forms of attack being malware or ransomware, phishing and spear phishing.

You could be at risk if you’re not protecting your business with effective security products, processes and controls.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

There’s no surprise to see that 70% of companies that encounter a significant loss of data go out of business within a year.  Ask yourself this, if your business was to experience a data disaster today, would your systems be adequate enough to get you back up and running tomorrow?

Microsoft 365

Having to purchase numerous Office Suite licenses when you get a new starter is now a thing of the past. With Microsoft 365 you get access to every single version of all the programs you know and love, without having to worry about the costly upgrade prices.

You’ll also have access to all of your personal and company files from each of your devices, so you can work on the go. Better yet, it’s totally secure because you’ll always be working on the most up to date, bug-free and least hackable version of Microsoft Office.

Business Connectivity and Broadband

Digicube can offer a range of flexible and cost-effective broadband and connectivity solutions. With access to a huge variety of providers across Lincolnshire, Digicube can support your business with a competitively-priced service that is tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you want a super-fast fibre line, or just a standard business broadband service, get in touch with us today.

Hosted Telephony

If your business is still relying on a traditional PBX, it’s time to consider joining the rest of the world. With a hosted telephony system, it lives entirely in the cloud, rather than the green box down the road. All users need to do is log in through a standard IP handset and they’re good to go.

Hosted telephony means there’s no need for costly PBX maintenance or constant line upgrades. You’ll also have access to a huge range of management features, such as call logs and reporting.