IT Support in Scunthorpe

The perfect managed IT solution for your business

Digicube have been working with businesses in Scunthorpe since 2008. We use our years of experience and huge range of products to provide a reliable IT support solution. With Digicube in full control of your IT support services, you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on improving your business.

We offer the following services in Scunthorpe:

IT Support

Digicube can offer your business proactive advice and IT support to help protect and manage your IT systems in Scrunthorpe.

We pride ourselves on being much more than the average IT support company, think of Digicube as an extension of your very own business. We want to work with you to help align your IT systems with your business growth.


The internet can be a scary place, it’s full of viruses and malware that want to infect your business and corrupt your data. It’s easier than ever for somebody on the other side of the planet to bring your business to its knees so it’s time you protected yourself.

By putting the correct procedures and systems in place you can secure your data ensure the continual growth of your business. Whether it’s a perimeter firewall or endpoint server protection, Digicube can enable your business to respond quickly to any potential threat or attack

Backup and Disaster Recovery

More and more each day businesses becoming reliant upon their IT systems and mountains of data. Would your business be able to operate tomorrow, if you was to lose your data today?

Digicube is currently working with numerous clients within Scunthorpe to offer reliable backup and disaster recovery. We’ll work with you to create the perfect backup and recovery solution, based on anticipating every possible data-loss scenario.

Office 365

Every business has the same problems; we want to be able to work where we want, when we want. But with security as important as ever, it’s vital it’s done in the correct way. With Office 365 you’re able do all of this, regardless of the device you’re working from. Use your phone, PC or tablet; it’s entirely up to you. It’s completely scalable, which means as your business grows, Office 365 will grow with it.

Broadband and Connectivity

Choosing the correct broadband for your business can be hard if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Digicube offer a range of solutions across Scunthorpe that can match your exact needs, whether it’s super-fast fibre to the premises, or your everyday standard business broadband.

Hosted Telephony

With Hosted Telephony, you get a telephone systems that covers all your voice communications at a highly-affordable price. If gives you capabilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to small business, without huge investment.

Hosted telephony solutions in Scunthorpe are simple and quick to install. You can get the reliability of a traditional PBX systems, without the ongoing maintenance or monthly phone line costs,