Cyber Security

Effective cyber security reduces the risk of cyber attacks and protects against the unauthorised exploitation of your systems and online services.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security consists of security products, processes and controls designed to protect your systems, online services and data from cyber attacks. Unfortunately, attacks are becoming more frequent and targeted, with the most common forms of attack being malware or ransomware, phishing and spear phishing.

Antivirus and Ransomware Protection

Award-winning next-gen server and endpoint protection with artificial intelligence, giving you unmatched defense against malware, exploits, and ransomware.

Alongside this, our antivirus Daily Safety Check (DSC) (a part of all IT service contracts with us) ensures your antivirus is installed and up-to-date.

Email Spam and Virus Protection

Quickly filter and sanitize every email before it is delivered to your mail server to protect you from email-borne threats.  Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, our solution provides you with the best possible level of protection.

Employees can inadvertently cause internal systems to become a source for spam or other malicious mail.  Outbound filtering stops outbound attacks originating from inside the network – which not only protects your partners and customers, but also keeps you from being added to spam block lists.

Email Fraud Protection

Business email compromise, spear phishing and account takeover are rapidly becoming the most significant security threats.

These hyper-targeted attacks rely on email impersonation designed to trick your users into disclosing login credentials, secure data or even sending money.

Should one of your user’s email accounts become compromised, a cybercriminal will become the man-in-the-middle and may attempt a fraudulent financial transaction with one of your customers or accounts payable team.

Our email fraud protection solution uses artificial intelligence to effectively stop cyber fraud that bypasses traditional email security filters.

Device Encryption

Encryption helps protect the data on your devices so it can only be accessed by people who have authorisation.  The best way to make sure your data is secure at rest is by encrypting the computer’s hard drive.

Our device encryption solution allows us to manage your encryption policies and keys.  As a part of compliance requirements, we can verify which computers in your organisation are encrypted.

Should a laptop get lost or stolen, you can prove that these missing devices are encrypted and that any data located on them is protected.

Application and Device Control

Application control lets you detect and block applications that are not a security threat, but that you decide are unsuitable for use in the office.

Device control enables you to prevent users from using unauthorised external hardware devices, removable storage media, and wireless connection technologies on their computers.  This can help to significantly reduce your exposure to accidental data loss and restrict the ability of users to introduce software or viruses from outside of your network environment.

Web Filtering and Monitoring

Web filtering allows you to block websites that negatively impact a productive working day, as well as not fitting the requirements of your security policies.  It stops users from viewing certain URLs or websites by preventing their browsers from loading pages from these sites.

Our more advanced solutions also allow you to monitor and report on user web activity.

Next-Generation Firewalls

  • Expose Hidden RisksSuperior visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats helps you regain control of your network.
  • Stop Unknown ThreatsPowerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep your organisation secure.
  • Isolate Infected SystemsAutomatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network and stops threats from spreading.

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